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Our Loverscounter app published in Chinese App stores

Maybe nice to know that our latest Loverscounter app, have been approved by some major Chinese App Stores and are now available for chinese couples. It was a big challenge as it took us months to get approved, but publishing at the first few app stores is accomplished. Here a provisional list of the appstores where our app can be…

Some new websites delivered.

The last week we have created a few new WordPress websites. Feel free to visit them. And feel also free to contact us, if you need one. New customers are: Hostbnb New Sport Experience New Sport Challenge Cultuurplaza de Kempen Flexmens

QR News

Join our crowdfunding project “loverscounter” Join us in our mission to create a start-up company for our loverscounter app, and take part of our new start-up. We chose to use the crowdfunding concept to collect the necessary funds, because we believe that crowdfunding is now the most modern way to raise funds for new products and start-ups but also allows…

zircl extranet app for groups

We have just published our latest app we created for Android. We invite you to try out our new zircl extranet / intranet app for groups now. You can download the app here: You need to sign-up first and create an account here, to log in the app: Here you can manege the app and create groups and add content to…

New website of MIK

Client: MIK Delivery: May 2013 Location: Schijndel URL: Details: CMS based on Symfony Including Courses Management and ordering system Newsletter module  

New website of Globe CKC

Client: Globe CKC Delivery: May 2013 Location: Hilversum URL: Details: CMS based on Symfony Including Courses Management and ordering system

New website of NVCG

Client: NVCG Delivery: June 2013 Location: Hilversum URL: Details: CMS based on WordPress Including member database

Mayan Countdown App for Android

This Mayan Doomsday Calender app counts down to 21-12-2012. This date is considered as Doomsday – the end of time by the maya calender. You can use this Maya Doomsday Countdown Calender app, to add your personal goals which you want to achieve before the end of days. You can share your goals on Facebook or Twitter. When you achieve…